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Laboratory SANTAREL

Laboratory SANTAREL has above all a philosophy, experience and skills in the field of nutritional supplements and micro-nutrition. Your well-being and health are central to our requirements, so we're pleased to offer a range of exceptional natural products.
Each of our formulas has been developed to extract the best of the active ingredients needed for relief and improvement of your various problems.
For that reason we have set in place a precise and rigorous quality charter, respecting the regulations currently in force in France and in Europe.

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    Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for the proper development and functioning of all our cells (heart, vision, brain ....) It is not always possible to incorporate enough into our daily diet, this is why we have created OMEGAREL, particularly rich in EPA and DHA.

    Monday 27 june 2016

    One stick per day to help your body through the winter. A unique combination of Spirulina and Astragalus for enhanced effect.


    Monday 01 march 2016